Our Story

First Veterans Resource & Transitional Center, (FVRTC) A Division of Our Parent Organization 1st Veterans Kids Care Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was born out of a child’s act of kindness that touched a father’s heart.

When Anton Cardinal was fifteen years old, Unknowing to his parents he took his saved allowances and donated those funds to an organization that helps children who are fighting the effects of cancer and who were also in need of food and clothing. His selfless act led his father, Anthony Cardinal, to pursue helping those in need by creating this organization FVRTC.

Many people talk about the things they wish they could do for those less fortunate, but the Cardinal family has actually put actions behind Anton’s intentions and brought to life an organization that is viable and desirable, an organization that shows what a significant impact an individual with a HEART TO HELP can make in their communities and in our great country.

Veterans Employment

Job Training
Job Placement

VA Health Benefits

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Mental Health & Physical Fitness
Eye Care Vision Services
VA Health Benefits & PTSD Services



We need your support in raising funds to purchase a fully equipped, state of the art Eye Care Bus to support our Heroes, families of those who served and low to middle income families in our surrounding communities who are undergoing life hindering hardships.



FVRTC Project HOME. FVRTC is actively raising funds for our military Veterans and their families to support our Project HOME, whose mission is to provide home renovations, landscaping, and the creation of calming retreats for our Veterans.


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Our Direction