Co Founder Chairman

Anthony Cardinal – Co-Founder / Chairman



Innovative, creative, and an excellent visionary, these are just few words used to describe Mr. Anthony Cardinal. Well known for many accomplishments

In 1986 Anthony became the youngest man to attain the rank of Chief Security officer of the Gulf City Limited Complex, now called Garden City in La Romain Trinidad. During this time Anthony was responsible for securing over 180 million dollars in assets. In 1988 while Trinidad & Tobago, Anthony became the youngest person to attain the title of Supplemental Police Superintendent. This accomplishment was the catalyst in 1991 for Anthony to fund and operate his own private security company. In 1995 Mr. Cardinal came to New York city to study Criminal Justice at John Jay College.

In 1997 Anthony attended the school of Small Business Management and Professional Career Development Institute in New York where he Studied business development, feasibility planning, building construction, and strategic planning. Anthony also attended New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York where he was trained and certified as a Pesticide Applicator, Category 7.

In 2000 while making his mark in the fashion industry while, Anthony also administered and controlled a corporate budget of 2.1 billion dollars. As a private fashion consultant Anthony was a constant traveler to Hong Kong, China, and Japan. This field work helped him hone his business and marketing skills while he specialized in production, copy righting, branding and trademarking.

In 2002 Anthony worked with Resort Quest Orlando, a major supplier of single family houses and condominium, as a strategic planner and overseer of a budget consisting of 90 million dollars in annual corporate assets. In 2005, Anthony also served as the president of Highland Homes Owner’s Association (HOA).

2007 was a banner year for Anthony which saw him create his own brand Kenscoff, open and operate a sportswear retail outlet business and fund Starz Entertainment, a promotional, marketing and event planning company.  

In 2009, Anthony’s youngest son, Anton inspired him with an act of kindness that led to the creation and co-founding of a non-profit organization named First Veterans Resource & Transitional Center, (F.V.R.T.C). This 501(c)(3), non-profit organization was born out of a child’s act of kindness that touched a father’s heart. Anton, then fifteen years old, unknown to his parents took his allowances and donated those funds to an organization that helped children who were fighting the effects of cancer and needed food and clothing.

This selfless act led Anthony led to the creation of an organization that is viable and desirable, and shows what a significant impact an individual with a hearth to help can make in their communities and in our great country.  To this day FVRTC continues to its mission to help those in need.

As the CEO Anthony’s main responsibilities includes administrative oversight, recruitment of board members and volunteers, bridging relationships with local community members, coordinating activities with the local, state and national Veterans Administration Medical Centers, and local businesses that have a passion for the welfare of our Heroes and the families of those who served.

In 2011 Anthony served as a board member at Prosperities Leadership Academy, a school specializing in helping at risk-students who struggle academically. From 2011 until 2013 Anthony served on the board of the Orlando Veterans Administrations Medical Center.

From 2013 to 2017 Anthony and Anton Cardinal worked together to create a 259-million-dollar Humanitarian Project for G&C Investment Corporation.
There is no doubt that Anthony Cardinal has a passionate and committed heart which has been displayed not only in the business world but also in his home life. He is a doting father of his two sons, teaching his young men the time honored and respected points of sportsmanship, discipline, responsibility, resourcefulness and ambition. Anthony and has also been a faithful husband for 26-year, enjoying all the good graces that this relationship has brought to him.

His immediate goals include continuing his efforts developing projects that will empower entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship that will help his community develop business’ that support global citizenship.