General FAQs About Donating


What my donation do for your organization?

Your gift can turn around the life of a veteran and provide critical services that will heal the wounds of war and restore hope and dignity to our nation’s heroes. Day’s returning veterans need help to assimilate back into society.  Veterans and their families rely heavily on our ability to deliver, our organization is working hard to ensure we can expand and sustain services for all our veterans including Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans and for veterans of previous generations who continue to suffer as they transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life into our community

  • $15,000 will provide one year of transitional housing per veteran and their families
  • $7,500 will prepare a veteran for a new career with job training and education
  • $3,500 will provide legal services to veterans in need of disability benefits
  • $3,000 will provide emergency child care services for 6 months
  • $500 will pay for work supplies and attire for a veteran returning to work
  • $250 will feed one homeless veteran for one month


What can I donate to help your organization?

You can volunteer, donate funds, spread the words, in-kind donation to a new single family (3) three bedroom home that will provide transitional housing for veterans’ and families, to be available by June 2016. First Veterans’ will provide this supportive housing to once-homeless veterans, a much-needed program here in Central Florida.


What type of commitment is required?

First Veterans’ relies on the generous support of individuals like you to volunteer and spread the words on our programs and donate funds to sustain our critical services for homeless and low-income veterans. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


What if I want to work or volunteer?

Are you good at building bridges and rallying people to helping veterans in need?


If yes, we need you!

The position of a Volunteer/Ambassador is extremely important to the overall success of First Veterans,

Achieving our goal of helping veterans.

Individuals selected for the position needs to be outgoing, enthusiastic and eager to use your expertise, skills and know how to connect with your community or contacts.

  • Collection and Delivery of Planner a successful Event
  • Manning Event Booths
  • Vision Care Screenings
  • Virtual Volunteering- editing or writing proposals, press releases, newsletter articles, counseling, managing other online volunteers

If you would like to leverage your network with an organization, sharing your connections creates value for all.

We need people who can put in time and effort to come up with solutions that will help our veterans excel


make a donation


Please provide us with your information or contact us at info@firstvartc.org or call us: 1 863.325.5266

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