Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Program

VA Eye Care Programs

VA Eye Care is and has been overlooked and underfunded

• Our Eye Care programs are designed to enable and transform the lives of our Heroes, families of those who served and low to middle-income families in our surrounding communities.

• Our Eye Care programs will provide eye care services including initial screenings, vision evaluations, and new eyewear for children with visual impairments ages 5 and up. We also make a wide assortment of eyewear available

• Our Eye Care services will eliminate or correct vision problems and promote literacy through outreach efforts, community partnerships and rehabilitative follow-up services.

VA Health Benefits Program

We understand that military families are under enormous strain. FVRTC shows our respect appreciation by proudly providing that extra support for our heroes and their loved ones so they can make a satisfying post-service, readjustment to civilian life.

• Information about eligibility requirements is made available to all members and assistance with claims for all state and federal veterans’ programs is provided. FVRTC will evaluate and help get approval for services so veterans can take advantage of local state and federal veterans’ programs.

• All veterans will have an initial assessment to devise a service plan addressing identified needs and objectives.

• Each veteran will have a personalized service plan outlining goals and barriers related to needs and desires.

Mental Health Program

Mental Health Program

Our programs are focused on Recovery and empowering the Veteran to take charge of his/her treatment and live a full and meaningful life.

• Our approach focuses on the individual’s strengths and gives respect, honor, and hope to our nation’s heroes and their families.

• Our programs provide Coordinated Care for the Whole Person in a safe and effective manner for the whole person. We know that having a healthy body, satisfying work, and supportive family and friends, along with getting appropriate nutrition and exercising regularly, are important to mental health as to physical health.

Mental Health Treatment in Primary Care
• Our job is to understand the overall mental health goals of the Veteran and ensure that it is a part of their care plan.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Program

• FVRTC has designed programs for members who have served to help them start and maintain their healing process, both mentally and physically, through physical therapy and rehabilitation.

• Our physical therapy and rehabilitation programs assist anyone who wants to keep in shape or are experiencing post-traumatic stress. FVRTC has a unique program designed around health rehabilitation that targets the needs and desires of disabled veterans and senior citizen members.

• Our programs focus on satisfying the needs and well-being of veterans and their family members struggling with injuries and disabilities that restricts their ability to transition to civilian life due to dealing with the wounds of war.

Physical Fitness

FVRTC has designed programs for members who have served to help them start and maintain their healing process, both mentally and physically, through physical fitness, by providing them with gifted memberships from sponsors who will pay for yearly memberships.

• Our programs provide a place for both able bodied and disabled veterans and community members to utilize various services without the worry of environmental stressors.

• Our fitness programs will assist any veteran and family member who wants to keep in shape or is experiencing post-traumatic stress.

• Also, if a wounded veteran member requires assistance from their VA Caregiver while at the FVRTC, the caregiver’s membership will be granted as well.