1st Veterans Kids Care, Inc. Programs and Outcomes

Vision and Literacy Initiative

Youth Eyecare Services (Y.E.S.)


Permanent Housing

Health and Wellness

Family Mental Health Care Assistance Program
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Assistance Program

VA Health Benefits Assistance Program
Martial Arts Physical Fitness Program
Critical Financial Assistance Program

Keys to Our Services

By connecting the American donor community to our military families through a robust array of valued and life-changing programs that address the specific needs of children of veterans, veterans and their family members with our Vision and Literacy Initiative, Permanent Housing Program and Health and Wellness Program which includes Critical Financial Assistance to provide long-term stability and recurring support 1st Veterans Kids Care, Inc. is able to help children and military families overcome many of the challenges they inherent in military life. The result: stronger, more stable, and more secure military families and communities.