Who we are

Who We Are


1st Veterans Kids Care, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, was born out of a child’s act of kindness that touched a father’s heart. When Anton Cardinal was fifteen years old, unknowing to his parents he took his saved allowances and donated those funds to an organization that helps children who are fighting the effects of cancer and who were also in need of food and clothing. His selfless act led his father, Mr. Anthony Cardinal, to pursue helping several veterans in need of financial assistance and continue to help veterans and the families of those who serve by creating this organization, 1st Veterans Kids Care, Inc.

Our Philosophy

We passionately honor all the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives, time, and energy for our freedom. We are committed to provide their children and family members services that will allow them to make a better life when they are faced with death, disability, homelessness or to make a successful post-service, readjustment into their civilian life.

Our Mission

1st Veterans’ Kids Care, Inc. is committed to creating an awareness of the challenges our veterans’ children and family members face and then the providing of services that better their lives and create a promising future. We are passionately committed to providing Vision and Literacy through our Youth Eyecare Services, Permanent and Health and Wellness services to our veterans’ children when they are faced with the tragic death, disability, or financial hardship of their veteran parent.

Give Education to Kids

Our Vision

At 1st Veterans’ Kids Care, our vision is to be the best at “SERVING CHILDREN AND FAMILY MEMBERS OF THOSE WHO SERVED.” 1st Veterans’ Kids Care, Inc. will enable and transform the lives of our veterans’ children through the spirit of giving.

1st Veterans’ Kids Care knows how important it is for our veterans’ children and their family members to receive the benefits that are earned by serving this nation. Our organization will ensure that the veterans’ children know what services they are entitled to, how to receive them and that we are there to aid in the pursuit of attaining this life sustaining and life enhancing benefits.

1st Veterans’ Kids Care aims to improve the lives of children by providing them unique community services enhanced by our partnering with veteran’s organizations, private organizations, and educational institutions.


Our Team

Anton Cardinal

Co-founder/ Chairman