Vision and Literacy


Due to the number of children in need, an estimated 1 in 250 children are visually impaired, 1st Veterans Kids Care’s mission has expanded. In 2013 we create Youth Eyecare Services, (Y.E.S.) a program to identify and provide initial vision screening for school aged children.  The program has grown into a full Vision and Literacy Initiative that establishes and sustains a professional learning community focused on improving community members literacy and learning at home, in school and in the businesses.

Why Vision and Literacy Initiative? Eye-Opening Facts

  • 80% of learning in a child’s first 12 years comes through their eyes.
  • 25% of all school children in the US have a vision problem significant enough to affect learning.
  • 90% of children who need glasses do not have them.
  • 44% of parents are not aware that behavioral problems can be an indication that a child’s vision is impaired.
  • 78% of juvenile offenders in Dallas County had vision problems (summer 2008).
  • 56% had two or more vision problems.